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The Parc Rambot Polyclinic digitises its Patient Records

The Parc Rambot Polyclinic, founded in 1975, comprises two short-stay medical and surgical care establishments and is located in Aix-en-Provence (13).

The polyclinic has now become the biggest surgical unit in Pays d’Aix and is a major player in the care services on offer in the region with over 45,000 patients going through the polyclinic every year. A significant development that the establishment owes essentially to its on-going improvement policy to remain at the edge of innovation in all areas. In line with this policy, the Polyclinic has set up dematerialisation of patient records for its own internal needs, a project that is part of the larger framework concerning national directives on PMRs. Initiated in October 2012, the project lasted six months, during which the Polyclinic worked in close cooperation with Spigraph in particular to design a tailored solution.

Insert digitisation into a global process

Given the huge volume of archives, the Polyclinic very quickly abandoned the idea of digitizing all existing files and focused on new records. Integrated into the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system on the one hand and the Electronic Document Management (EDM) system on the other, the process is entirely automated. A programme developed by the Polyclinic, queries the ERP system every day to display the list of files billed during the day. For each file, a “cover page” is printed with information on the identity of the patient, the nature of their stay and a bar code (containing the same type of data) generated by the ERP system. The archiving employee places the cover pages on the patient files and digitizes the whole file with a production scanner that can process up to 130 pages/minute and take up to 400 pages in one load.